Frequently Asked Questions:

There are detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to get up and going once you log in, but here are some additional common questions:

Advanced users may want to also have a look at our advanced scripting documentation.
What sorts of recommendations will I have in my shop?

We've recently expanded the number of types of recommendations that we offer:

  • Related products

    Shows products that are related to the product currently being viewed by the customer

  • Shopping cart recommendations

    Shows products related to those currently in the customer's shopping cart

  • Product bundles

    Shows bundles of two products that can be purchased together in a single action

  • Personalized recommendations

    Shows personalized recommendations to returning customers

  • Top products

    Shows a list of the top products in your shop

  • Recently viewed products

    Shows the customer the list of products that they've recently viewed

  • Related to recently viewed products

    Shows the customer a list of products that are related to the ones that they've recently viewed

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Can I choose to only recommend certain products?

Yes. As you probably know, products in Shopify can be tagged. In our settings panel, you can select to only recommend produroducts with a certain tag, e.g. featured

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Can I hand-pick items to be recommended for a certain product?

Yes. Once you've installed Directed Edge, in your Shopify shop's admin panel, on each product page, in the apps menu, you'll have a link that says, Choose recommended products where you can pick items that should be recommended for that product. The selected recommendations will show up immediately for that product.

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Can I choose to only hand pick my recommendations?

Yes. In our settings panel, if you select Combine hand-picked recommendations and related products you'll see a new option in both the product and cart settings tabs which allows you to show only the products you've hand-picked.

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Can I change the messages shown above the recommendations?

Yes, on the various appropriate settings pages, you can change the text that you'd like to appear:

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How can I control the layout of the recommendations widget?

The defaults are really simple:

  • We use the default fonts / style of your existing site
  • We guess how to show the product images based on the style of the main product image
  • We fill the entire width of the enclosing container (e.g. <div>) and figure out how many recommended products to show based on the width of that container.

So if you want to change the number of recommendations shown, or the size of recommendations widget, you can just change the size of the div it's contained in. For example, this will limit the recommendations widget to 400 pixels:

<div style="width: 400px;">{% include 'directed-edge' %}</div>

There are also a bunch of settings that you can change in our appearance settings.

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How can I change the fonts used in the recommendations widget?

The fonts used by default are the standard ones from your style sheet (for wherever you've inserted the recommendations widget), but you can customize them if you'd like by adding a couple lines to your shop's style sheet, i.e.

#directededge-label { font-size: 12px; }
.directededge-title-cell { font-size: 10px; }
The first line customizes the font size for the label (you could also add a font-family section, for example) and the latter for the individual recommendations titles. Additionally, the prices use a money CSS class.

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How can I show related items that are different kinds of products?

In our settings panel, in the recommendations tab, there's an option labeled Show different product types. If that's selected, only products will be recommended in the related products that have a different type (as set in the product properties in the Shopify admin panel).

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How often is my product data updated?

We try to update your product info within a couple minutes of it changing. Our system gets notifications from Shopify and puts an update job in on our end which can take a couple minutes to run. If you're doing heavy editing on your shop's products, our system waits to update the data until you've finished (or at least paused for a couple minutes) before updating the affected products.

In addition, we do a full sync of your product data every 24 hours.

You can also trigger a manual re-sync of your product data by clicking on Re-import products to Directed Edge on the product overview page of your shop's admin panel.

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What are the recommendations based on?

Our recommendations are based on a number of factors:

  • Products that customers have bought together
  • Categories that your products are placed in
  • Tags that you've set for your products
  • Products that have been recently viewed by your shoppers

You have some degree of control over how the different types of recommendations factors are weighted in our settings panel.

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Why aren't the recommendations that I picked showing up?

In the most common case, when that happens, it's because the hand picked recommendation in question isn't currently available to customers, either because it hasn't yet been published, or is currently out of stock (with stock tracking enabled). For fairly obvious reasons our recommender won't recommend products that can't be purchased, however, as soon as the product is available again, it'll show up in the list.

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We're using an app for discount prices. Can I hide those prices?

Yes. Many of our customers also use Bold Apps' discount pricing app. That app specifies the original prices in a product metafield.

To make that work with our app, you'll first need to enable importing product metafields in our settings panel. That will automatically trigger a re-import of your shop's data.

Once that import is finished, you can tell our app to override the default prices with something like this to your product template before including out snippet:

{% if customer.tags contains "member" %}
  {% assign directed-edge-price-metafield = 'shappify_csp:Wholesale' %}
{% else %}
  {% assign directed-edge-price-metafield = 'shappify_csp:default' %}
{% end %}

The syntax for the override is just metafield_namespace:metafield_key.

If you're using our custom layout feature, you may wish to use the raw, unformatted prices from the discount metafields, which would make the above snippet this:

{% if customer.tags contains "member" %}
  {% assign directed-edge-price-metafield = 'shappify_csp:Wholesale_raw_lownum' %}
{% else %}
  {% assign directed-edge-price-metafield = 'shappify_csp:default_raw_lownum' %}
{% end %}
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Can you copy my settings from one shop to another?

Sure. If you're working with multiple shops and want to pull your settings over from a shop you've already set up to a new one, just drop us a line at, and we'll get that done for you.

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Can I import existing hand-picked recommendations from a spreadsheet?

Yes. We have an internal tool that can import hand-picked recommendations from a CSV file. Just get in touch with us at and we'll get you the details.

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Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. For customers in the EU we store no personally identifiable information. This has two additional implications for EU customers:

  • Personalized recommendations will only be available for logged in customers as we do not store the tracking information necessary to identify non-logged-in (EU) customers.
  • Personalized recommendations will not include the customer's first name, as they previously did (and continue to do for non-EU customers).
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What personal data do you store about our customers?

For non-EU customers (see the question above for EU customers), we store name and email address to identify returning customers and provide them with personalized recommendations. These are stored in an encrypted store on our servers, and are not transfered to any third party for any reason and are removed within 30 days of receiving purge request from Shopify.

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What if I still have questions?

Easy! Just shoot us a mail at

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